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 Updated March 27, 2024

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An archive with links to all available back-issues of our newsletter and emailed news updates is now available on our Council Activities page.
There you will find links that will take you to all of our digital newsletters since we began using Constant Contact as our email platform in June of 2016. At the bottom you will also find a link to an archive of PDF file versions of available newsletters from 2002-2014. 
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IMPORTANT: News and Communications Policy
Due to the ever-changing nature of communications technology, this news page is now only used as a secondary source of urgent communications to members and for general reference. Here is how you can keep up with what's going on with our very active Council!
Primary communication to all Council members and Ladies Auxiliary members will be through email.   
Gmail users: Gmail often "filters" our emails to folders other than your Inbox, such as your "Social" or "Promotions" folder, without you knowing about it. Check all of your Gmail folders and if you find our emails in a folder other than Inbox or Spam, go to your Gmail Settings ("See all settings"), then go to the "Inbox" tab, scroll down to "Filtered mail" and then select "Override filters." All of your emails will then be delivered to your Inbox.
If you think you are not receiving our emails and have provided your email address to our webmaster, first check your "Spam" or "Junk" folder. If you find our emails in there, mark them as not-spam or not-junk and consult your email provider for how to "white list" our email address so our messages are delivered to your Inbox. If you are not receiving our emails and they are not in your spam/junk folder, email our webmaster from your current address. We have numerous bad email addresses on file that need updating!
NOTE: If you unsubscribed from our Constant Contact email list at any time, we cannot add your email address back to the list without you providing permission directly to our email vendor. To re-subscribe, just click here and insert your email address and name. 
A current list of all upcoming events for the next several months is maintained on our Council's Google Calendar. Please refer to our calendar to know what's going on! You may view the calendar by clicking the Upcoming Events tab on our web page.
For ease of access and to receive event reminders, add our Council calendar to your personal calendar on your smart phone. Instructions on how to subscribe to our calendar appear on our Upcoming Events page.

To receive our newsletter ("The Lake Current") and other information, you must sign up for our email list with our webmaster. Email him by clicking here and ask to be added to the email list. You may also subscribe by filling out the webform after clicking here.

An archive with links to all available back-issues of our newsletter and news updates is available on our Council Activities page.

You do not need to be a member to receive our newsletter. Just send us your email to be added to our list.

Facebook and Twitter allow us to communicate with our members and friends in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner. All council events (fundraisers, social functions, etc.) will be listed as "Events" on our Facebook page. Pictures from select past events will be posted on Facebook.
Please "like" our Facebook page to see all of our posts in your timeline! Please "like" and share our posts to help them gain maximum exposure to all of our members.

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Information for Mother Cabrini Assembly #1572, including news and upcoming meeting dates, may be found on their website, here.
         10 Fair Street   Carmel, New York 10512